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>> >> this is a live look at traffic. take a look teresa estacio has more.
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the roads are expected to be a busy spot for this holiday traveling season. many people started traveling as early as monday. the rain delays seemed to be over. s f o, finally returning back to normal after several delays from yesterday. and
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driving. people are expected to be drinking and driving. >> you could see that when i went with the c h p and he gave some people some breaks. they say that is not always going to be the case. you'd better be aware if you're going to go out there and break the law they will be out there in force. reporting live, terisa estacio, kron 4. >> some of these roads are taking to the air with over 100,000 people were expected to push through s f o just today. this is a live look. there were long delays yesterday and today was a much different story. dan
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kerman. >> what a difference a day makes on this day before thanksgiving s f o have mostly sunny skies. that translated into most flights running on time. >> everything has been dismissed so far. >> everything has been great if it ever is been -- smoot so far. we are on our way home. >> these weather conditions were great. >> we got here early, panicked, the whole bit! [laughter] >> however, it is fine. >> these people were connecting and even they were finding the bright side. >> we are going to go to atlanta but the las vegas connection is it delayed. >> we are on time out of san francisco. >> this relatively cease and
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travel allowed people to focus. >> i am looking for to spend thanksgiving with my family, my sister-in-law, has spent. turkey and not having to cook myself. and my- husbands. >> our family has fried turkey every thanksgiving you. if a what is that like? if >> is just like a dream. >> 120 dozen people pushing through s f o. it seems to be the busiest wet 120,000 people friday, however was the busiest-day. and as sunday is expected to be with 80,000 people expected to through them. at s f o, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> what ever you are going to be doing, let us take a
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look if the weather. at the weather, jacqueline? this looks great. >> that the rain definitely has stopped. however, these delays at the airport would have been more extensive. what we are seeing right now is that everything is running on time at s f o, oakland, clear skies but this morning was a different story. lingering showers from overnight and even this morning over the last 24 hours over 1-inch in some areas. oakland, san francisco, a decent rain maker with one half and in some other locations inland. but a decent amount in the last 12 hours. as we take a look in your weather headlines mostly clear skies and chilly. temperatures in the 40's. 60s. in a number of spots.
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we will have your extended holiday forecast. >> another a thanksgiving tradition is people that are lining up they want black for the deals. some diehard shoppers cannot wait that long before black-friday deals. this was on monday. some of those people are still out there is happening at this best buy in this san francisco, scott. >> scott:believe it or not people have been lining up as early as 11:30 let me show you what i am talking about people out here, with already 30 people. and here they are hoping to be some of the first people on the doors through friday. >> this is about 30 people already in line at this best buy and san francisco. hoping to get a deal. then i decided to do this because i
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want a flat screen television. >> she has sent up a tent with this tax. >> we have seats and we also have a tent, and with seats in side with blankets and this week. tonight. >> managers say that this is the earliest. >> i never thought that we would be out here this early >> earlier crowds and longer waits. people are trying to find any way to get their mind occupied waiting for that great deal. >> how has it been so far? >> cold. >> not that bad i've been talking to everybody it has been fog. >> virginia is hoping that giving up for thanksgiving will pay off >> i am hoping that it is worth it but if somebody wants to bring us thanksgiving dinner? we would gladly accept that lot
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>> with many people eating that if you are going to come down that on the stores will open on the died and you should get here early because a lot of the stuff is going to go quicker. >> some wal-mart employees are going to hit the picket lines. they are not going to be a run for the busiest shopping days. reggie kumar explains. >> this is you tube video of employees protesting outside of southern california last month and this will be similar at some wal-mart's across the bay area on thanksgiving day. these employees will be holding signs and demanding that the nation's largest employers treat them with a little more respect. that is what derrik sanders has fighting for he has been here for six years. the biggest issue is that wal-
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mart does not pay them enough on the holiday spirit >> instead of people having them, at least to double time. from my understanding we had a platform of the values it is difficult not even to be able to be a lot with your family on the holidays but that is not the main objective. the main objective is to improve the working conditions. >> this sicilian to wal-mart is planned on 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> after eight days of deadly rocket attacks israel and thomas have agreed to a cease-fire. secretary of state, the larue clinton helped with the cease-fire attacks between israel and --, home los
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hamas... however, since this peace talks if there still has a been a firing. alecia reed has more. >> in the streets of san francisco these protesters are rallying about the killings against palestinians in gaza. >> this planned protest they are getting bombed. so, it is 10 times worse than it has been is been a real struggle for them out there. we are protesting against it. >> they say that this is out of control and the israeli occupation is illegal. >> it is motivated by profit. it consumes the lives of palestinians every day i just returned from the west bank about six months ago, it is horrible. >> the officers are controlling the protesters. they are hoping their voices heard them and maybe president obama could do
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something about it but there will not be any peace until we get peace in palestine the. in san francisco, alecia reed, kron 4 news. >> coming up will check in with volunteers at this thanksgiving have been for the poor. and confusion when the lights went out and a very busy san francisco. leaving the last minute things giving shoppers to look in the dark for food. >> black friday is almost here. coming up, five of the best of black friday mobile applications that can help you navigate through the chaos. to help you find the best deals.
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>>catherine: this is the annual celebration army turkey carve off.. this food
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will be used in a salvation army a delivery for its seniors and others the celebrity included the mayor, the police chief and the fire chief. >> volunteers at a san francisco church spent the day before thanksgiving preparing thousands of meals to hand out. charles clifford is live outside of the glide church they had been doing this for a long time. >> yes, indeed i am out of sight and it is closed for the night with the recession of dozens of volunteers. getting ready for the thanksgiving feast with thousands-thousands of volunteers. >> they were cutting vegetables, pumpkin pie, and propping up all the trimmings for the feast. this year, they are expected to serve between 5000-6000 it bidders. >> it is a great event of
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the year. >> this is the reference and 38 thanksgiving as the pastor. it is more about just serving. >> this is the 38 the year for this restaurant. >> it is an important part for this reverent rev. 38 year. >> it is important for them to come together, and share a meal and share with each other. >> they will start serving at 10:00 a.m. in cha san francisco, charles clifford, kron 4. the mari stay safely a transformer that blue. with no lights. the safeway store, that bluew... just my luck, it is dark get this safeway and morita, literally no electricity. >> it is a little bit strange because everybody
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was kind of freaked out. >> it was nice but it's difficult. the stuffing, it is in this section, where you cannot see anything. >> the vegetables are all black you cannot receive. >> and if you could avoid anything. >> you cannot -- sea. >> the electricity was out for seven hours. add to these people were using their own phones to use navigation. >> i found myself to one a couple of extra laps to find everything that i needed. >> plastic tarps coverage th gary tari tariffs the dairy >> i could really use a seeing eye dog in a time like this. >> from 8:00 a.m.3:00
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in believe it or not, giants closer brian wilson was seen in the parking lot but it did not collision. >> thank you, j. r.. >> the presidential pardon is a tradition and it has been for 65 years. there was a new twist. facebook users were able to choose the two turkey's as the official national turkey's. >> you know, they say that life is about a second chances. and this in november, i could not agree more. so, in the spirit of the season, i have one more gift to give up. it goes to a peer of turkey's called cobbler in and gobbler. this pair of turkey's, the american people have spoken in these turkey's are moving forward. i love this bird.
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>> visitors are able to visit " cobbler " in mount vernon in virginia through thanksgiving they are both going to retire on that a state. >> clear skies and temperatures are already cooling. that-estate. vallejo, santa rosa, and teetering on 40's and other locations. it is going to be chilly. here is what we can expect for thanksgiving with clear skies. that means chilly conditions and mild and as we look for saturday, the temperatures are going to be warming, steadily. a nice holiday weekend but chilly temperatures in the 40 bay-area wide. 50s and 60s by noon. for the south bay and the inland valleys and more 60s as we go 3:00 p.m. neighborhood by neighborhood, first, the morning lows. i did see
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some 30's and napa, santa rosa and even low 40's for vallejo, concord in the inland valleys. 50s in san francisco, richmond. for the action, temperatures warming up nicely. 60s, for the afternoon -- and also san jose with a 64 degrees in fremont. temperatures in the mid upper 60s 65 in concord, antioch, livermore, pleasanton, low 60s for the most part for the east bay shores and the coast. 60s and the san francisco, with mid 60s for the north bay. as for the sierras? we did see that storm moved quickly. dry roads, and it will stay dry not only for today, tomorrow, and for a " portion of this weekend and the extended forecast. warmer weather for thursday,
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friday, saturday, mild and on the mild side. all the way through thanksgiving weekend. >> coming up later, jim harbaugh will of the kaepernick or alex smith? he will be pulling your leg a little bit and also this man is opening up his orange and team to open up his arms-and inch or hockey. enjoy hockey
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>> welcome back. we will check in with the latest on the black friday die-hard shoppers. also, gavgabe slate
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violent crime spree was an 80 court room. suspected of killing a man and injuring a police officer and a reward for information leading for the abduction of a woman at knifepoint. right in the middle of the afternoon >> temperatures are in the 40's. we are going to see plenty of " temperatures overnight details on that with your weekend forecast, coming up and cool temperatures, overnight.
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>> taking a look at our top
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stories. tripoli is predicting that the 5 million people wer triple a-is saying that at least 5 million people are going to be taking to the roads. >> we can see that the black friday shoppers are getting anxious. however, some employees are not happy. >> also, the peace talks in that the middle east continue with the help of secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> these men accused of killing an innocent bystander in tried to kill an officer could face the
8:32 pm
death penalty. rob fladeboe tells us about the court appearance of it jonathan will banks. >> he has been a shackled at the waist and a living from his injuries from his rampage on friday he said nothing during his arraignment that was only three minutes. he is facing murder, are tented murder and a special circumstance for tried to kill a cop. >> he is charged with first- degree murder, and a special circumstance that will make it eligible for life without the possibility of parole and the death penalty. >> surveillance show he, and an accomplished that is still at large of one of four armed robberies. the gas stations, and the shot and in distant by standard. if they shot and edited by standard. they are hoping for the public after they shot an instaby standard. they
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shot an innocent bystander. >> this surveillance showing that heroic efforts of the police officer >> after his car would not run any more, the police continued the chase on foot. when going for his handgun, he also found that it was not functioning because it was also hit by the assailant. >> there is a $20,000 reward for information for the accomplice of will banks. rob fladeboe, kron 4. of willbeakns... >> this 18 year-old was abducted in a sexually assaulted after accepting a ride from someone on international boulevard. this is in east oakland on
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tuesday. the oakland police department say that she was driven here at the 4400 mountain block where she was sexually assaulted at knifepoint he is described as an and hispanic male, weighing 150 lbs. with a short, dark spiky hair and a thin mustache. last seen driving an older model of vehicle and a $2,005 /+ /+ /+ $2,500 reward is being offered haazig madyun san jose police are beinsearching for a hit and run the driver this was at jackson avenue and east san jose. the man was also hit by a second driver who did stop. the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk and the suspect's car is described as a sedan. this is the ninth pat
8:35 pm
castronefatality in san jose. >> we are profiling the most wanted suspects. they are looking for a rape suspect keivon burnette a no bail felony warrnt is out for his arrest, after his alleged rape and more sexual misconduct this was in september on western there
8:36 pm
is a $1,000 reward leading to his arrest. >> many of these drivers are taking perishable goods and they have to be delivered in a timely fashion or the route drivers risk not being paid this is a by product of the oakland port strike. >> we are mostly seeing clear skies with chilly conditions overnight. already in the 50s through vallejo, santa rosa and believe that in napa. daly city and also in sunnyvale. we are going to see some chilly conditions and the possibility of fog. take a look of the inland areas by 2:00 a.m., it will spread south towards san jose by 4:00 a.m. and also possible in the north bay. we will likely wake up with 4:00
8:37 pm
a.m., 6:00 a.m., with a decent morning. as for temperatures, those are going to be chilly but warmer in the afternoon it. clear, chilly, sunny, mild, and with the mid upper 60s almost everywhere. we will see this warmer weather with the holiday weekend and take a look get your extended forecast, coming up. >> hostess is officially going out of business. this decision came after the company's dispute with the bakery's unions. it allows the closing of wonder bread, twinkies, to sell off recipes, bakeries. the company's operations shut down after several days of strikes from the employees. the lady liberty will not be getting any visitors the national park service says there is enough damage from super storm sandy to keep it
8:38 pm
closed. the remaining problems include a danger of falling because of a broken barrier in the lives of bricks. also a lot of damage to the security at ellis island, flooding, boggled floors, and shattered windows it is not clear if the monument will open. >> coming up, i guess you the monument will open. >> coming up, i guess you are g[ male announcer ] this december, remember -- ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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car horn) there is so much love in the air! i do not know if that qualifies. and could that person stop? welcome to the berkeley mall where they are offering by one child and get another for free...but this must have been a bad bunch because she was bringing these back...however, it is definitely buy one get one free parking because some of these people were able to get three cars into 2 spots. and that seems to leave this woman a bit confused. to clear up the confusion. she will be taking photographs. >> that is parking in the middle. and i parked there and maybe give they ticket me too? >> also for the driver that will enter into the exit signs..and and it will plead innocent. >> you did not see the " do not enter " sign? and i did not even know. >> is this going to be on television? >> people behaving badly, congratulations. but i would like to congratulate all of the drivers that ignore the do not block the crosswalk in a small that it is all about you. and this truck driver that of the delivery was just as important to block the bicycle lane. and i love how the festive spirit brings of the festive people and when i say best, when i say that these people are behaving badly. just what she said. no matter how much of a rush you are in you must remain calm and observe all traffic
8:46 pm berkeley, saif you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >>jacqueline: we did see some rainfall through san francisco and one half of french and the some other locations. the rain has moved on and we do have warmer, drier conditions for thanksgiving and the weekend. temperatures tomorrow be in the 60s. even warmer for saturday but we will see clear skies and chilly temperatures for the morning. temperatures will mainly be in the 40's bulls of opera 30's in the north bay. we can the see-opera
8:47 pm
30's--and for 40's. of all forties for the inland valley. 40's in half moon bay, hayward, and a san jose for the afternoon temperatures they are going to be nice. 60s in san jose. los gatos, palo alto. mountain view. antioch, livermore low 60s for the most bayshore as for the sierras? the move of rainfall pushed through. not much snowfall the cars are moving decent on dry pavement at this hour and it is going to stay dry. sunny skies and warmer temperatures back into the fifties. however, there are a few resorts that are open
8:48 pm
for the holiday, kirkwood, squaw valley, i you can get the rest of the report on www . sunday, monday, some cooling. with no rain in our forecast. >> sports illustrated on there website is reporting that kaepernick will start on sunday in new orleans. earlier, jim harbaugh did not say much. >> there is not going to be an announcement the bulls have a hot hand. and this is a great situation. where we have the aging, a star quarterback and everybody is clamoring for the younger quarterback. however, we have to relate to great
8:49 pm
guys. they are going to rule over themselves and try to talk about it but we talk about this, four hours and hours on talk radio. they can share their opinion on these two great guys but it is the opposite of a controversy. they understand the competitive nature. and we will make the best decision for our teams. >> certainly, kaepernick is a start i think that that is the only way that alex smith can go back comfortably. if kaepernick has a difficult game, a difficult path and then alex smith will come back and make a return. >> that could be a good o way for him to come back? >> i know that sounds a bit harsh. but the team knows who is good and deserves to
8:50 pm
be out there and as far is hardball? >> and why are people talking. as far as harbaugh. and without, if you make $5 million per year because people do care. and if the media gets personal that is one thing. however, what they are word on who is the starting quarterback i think that jim can play a little bit >> i agree, relax. >> when you win, you are a king. >> the hottest football player is is this young lady. she is in nine years old. sam gordon. she has ran over 2,000 yds and pop warner football the cover of we these and she visited, the 49ers over the weekend. and she was asked about the quarterback deal. i have not
8:51 pm
really heard about their quarterbacks, but my mom said that their real quarterback had a concussion. a lot of people were thinking oh no. because if they had their backup quarterback but he did rally could. >> there is a star that knows how to play the media. sam gordon, petaluma got paid today, two years, $2 million to take his mohawk to the row boston red sox. he played tampa, then came to the a's and was probably not going to be a starter. and he said that if you want to give me $10 million? and i will move. >> the warriors against brooklyn halftime report of the five, 46-41 and one of the warriors started, cleat thompson. they took, my bodyguard, kevin's team shopping for thanksgiving. he picked up the team in a
8:52 pm
limousine and help them pick out shoes, groceries and their families with everything needed for thanksgiving. clay thompson spent about three hours. and i would swear by kevin, that he could not be a better nicer guy. clive thompson. michael townsend, played for the lakers. >> that is a lovely sentiment. >> i do not care how much you are my making just to even think of helping others. that is likely thompson is worth reading for your >> the nhl lockout is still no end in sight it is unbelievable. and the san francisco bulls, lost some fans to the cow palace. >> some of our folks were so
8:53 pm
close to the action and we are very credible. making san francisco. >> it is only $12 to get into the game we charge $14, to watch the news cast. allow >> and it is great. >> and that is great. >> what are going to see if you are a shark fan? when i come to see your team would be that big of a difference? >> absolutely not. and he is just another team player you will not even know the difference other than a high price stadiums. >> how but some of these players that want to get back on the ice? >> the phones are ringing off the hook. they are starting to bite for positions, with ryan is with us right now he is only practicing and helping with the coaching side he has been great. but if this goes
8:54 pm
out and the longer he is going to be wanting to get out there, he is a young player. >> it is a difficult and not not to crack with a minor league team he has a good attitude. and jacqueline just said that what minor league is or the major league. >> we are going to take a break! jackson claims i do not know what leaving it is. loughne [laughter]
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>> jack taylor sure it's 108 times in 40 minutes. the inmate the team 138 points with a 71 that three- pointers. that is an all- time division of 3 record. 138. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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